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    frequently asked questions about selling with us    

Are you real estate agents?


No, I am an investor myself and represent a group of other investors. We have set aside some of our capital to use to help people rather than just invest in long term property deals.



Are there fees and commissions?


If, after a discussion with you, it is agreed that we purchase the property there are no other costs for you other than typical legal fees associated with the sale, which will be paid to your lawyer.

If, after a discussion with you we decide to put in place a more creative solution to your situation we do charge for our services. However, we are strongly motivated to find solutions that will create positive opportunities for the people we deal with and ensure that the fees we charge are cheaper than the alternatives available to our clients.


What happens if my house needs repairs, is a mess, or Iíve got people I donít want to deal with living there?


We are very experienced at dealing with all kinds of situations that occur through property ownership, so we can either provide you with the help and resources to improve the property or buy it as is and deal with the problems ourselves. 


What type of houses do you buy and how much will you give me?


We buy all sorts of properties and the price we pay depends on a number of things including: size, condition, location, situation and how we can best meet your needs. Every house and person's situation is different. We treat everything on a case by-case basis. The important thing to know is you will never be pressured into anything and we always recommend you seek legal advice on what we offer.


How can we trust you?


Trust is either earned through working with someone over time or from hearing good things about that person from people we trust.  As in most cases we donít have the benefit of time we need to rely on the reputation we have in the market and the people we deal with. The Law firm we use is Gillespie Young Watson and you can have your legal advisor talk to Michael Hofmann-Body to gauge our reputation.



What do you do with the houses?


Once again a lot will depend on the kind of house it is and where it is located.  Sometimes we add them to our existing property portfolio and sometimes we on sell them to people needing creative solutions to buy a home for themselves to live in



How quickly can I expect a response from you?


Once we have met and discussed the option most suitable to your situation we can normally finalise the agreement within 48hours.

We can generally buy your house as is, for cash, on the date of your choice provided we have at least seven days notice.


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